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Get Your Closet Organized While It’s Cold Outside

Its winter time and thoughts of going outside in the cold just gives you the chills in most of the country. So, why not look for something productive to do inside like cleaning out and organizing your closet? Closets are usually taken for granted because you can just toss things inside them and forget about it.

Think about how nice it would be to have a neatly organized closet.

A disorganized closet can look like it went through a storm, but with a little patience and by following some of the tips below, your closet can be quickly transformed into an organized space.

Get in Season

To get a fresh start on your closet, take out all the clothes that are out of season and neatly store them away in a plastic container or cedar chest. This way, they will be easily available when you are ready to use them again.

What Really Fits

Next, take out all the clothes you cannot or won’t wear again and give them to a local charity. This includes items on shelves in the closet as well as shoes. This creates plenty of space for more organization. Afterwards, vacuum, clean up any cobwebs and dust the closet. Start working from the top, down.

closet organization tips for home ownersGet Organized

Next is the fun part – organizing your clothes. One great way of organizing clothes and shoes is by color. Start with the lightest colors and end with the darker colors. Clothes should be placed neatly on hangars and all facing one way. If you share a closet with a spouse, use a divider and organize the other person’s clothes in the same manner.

Tackle the Shoes

Shoes should be arranged in the same manner, from lightest to darkest. Use a shoe organizer or some shelves to give yourself more space in the closet. Continue this process with the rest of your closets until they all look the way you want them to.

The Small Stuff

A closet organizer serves a wonderful purpose helping you organize closets. You can find closet organizers in all sizes, and they serve any type of function you might need them for. They come in several styles and different prices ranges to fit all budgets. If you want variety in your closets, you have options.

Now you have organized closets that are easy to maintain and much nicer to look at.

We hope these tips help with your closets and if you need any help with mortgage and refinance questions, please contact us.